J. Velázquez-Ameijide

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Papers 2. Comparison of different methods of heart rate entropy analysis during acute anoxia superimposed on a chronic rat model of pulmonary hypertension Original Research Article Pages 559-568 3. Biomechanical consideration of total hip arthroplasty following failed fixation of femoral intertrochanteric fractures – A finite element analysis Original(More)
Accurate material properties of tissues are a key factor for the improvement of medical procedures and treatments. Experimental data are essential in order to formulate and validate a useful constitutive model for predicting the mechanical behavior of tissues in these procedures. This study develops a comprehensive experimental protocol at multiple length(More)
INTRODUCTION Pedestrian-vehicle collisions are a leading cause of death among motor vehicle accidents. Recently, pedestrian injury research has been increased, mostly due to the implementation of European and Japanese regulations. This research presents an analysis of the main head injury vehicle sources and injury mechanisms observed in the field,(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Abrupt accelerations or decelerations can cause large strain in brain tissues and, consequently, different forms of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). In order to predict the effect of the accelerations on the soft tissues of the brain, many different injury metrics have been proposed (typically, an injury metric is a real valued(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the predictions of the head injury criterion (HIC), currently used to predict the risk of traumatic brain injury in frontal vehicle impact and pedestrian impact tests, with the predictions of other empirical and analytical injury metrics. METHODS The appropriateness of different criteria relative to injury metrics derived from a head(More)
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