J. Veerappan

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  • Corresponding Author, A Prabin, A Prabin, J Veerappan
  • 2015
In medical image processing, segmentation is an important and challenging task. It is classically used to identify object contours and extract the object from the image. Tumor Classification is an significant in medical image analysis since it provides information related to anatomical structures as well as possible anomalous tissues necessary to treatment(More)
The panorama of the paper is content based image representation and retrieval. The major key flavor is texture content by a set of features having a perceptual meaning. We consider textured images and propose to model their textural content by a set of features having a perceptual meaning and their application to content-based image retrieval. We present a(More)
Delay Tolerant Mobile Network is an approach of computer networks which lack of continuous network connectivity due to its intermittent characteristics of network partitioning. The issues of DTMN is how to maintain, update, and stabilize the mobile nodes present and perform better routing of packets without any packet loss. Our paper addresses this issue of(More)
The main theme of this application is to provide an algorithm for grayscale and color image watermark to manage the attacks such as rotation, scaling and translation. In the existing watermarking algorithms, those exploited robust features are more or less related to the pixel position, so they cannot be more robust against the attacks. In order to solve(More)
Abstract An MAODV is an extension of AODV protocol. It’s one of the efficient multicast tree structures. So many techniques are used to improve the performance of MAODV protocol such that performance like PDR, latency, energy. In minimum load adhoc networks the multicast route to recovery is effective. Merely, in maximum load network condition large number(More)
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