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Executive Summary This paper provides a core contribution to address the OceanObs09 theme " Developing technology and infrastructure " under Session 4B " Satellite data integration and products ". It has been prepared for those implementing and working with the modern sea surface temperature (SST) observing system. The purpose of the paper is threefold: (1)(More)
Multichannel and high-resolution seismic profiles complemented with swath bathymetry show a variety of contourite deposits in the northern Weddell Sea resulting from the interaction between bottom currents and the seafloor physiography. Seven types of contourite drifts are identified based on the seismic signature, reflector configuration and geometry of(More)
A new type of surface coil is described which allows the user to continuously vary the size of the field of view. This utilizes a modified radiofrequency trombone for size adjustment that results in a stable frequency over a wide range of dimensions. Results show that the coil may be increased in area by as much as 60% while maintaining frequency stability(More)
Keywords: Open channel junctions Saint-Venant equations RKDG method Subcritical flow Transcritical flow Supercritical flow a b s t r a c t This paper widens insight on the comparison between 1D and 2D approaches when simulating flow division at a 90° open-channel junction. For the 1D simulation, existing models regarding this issue are, on the one hand, of(More)
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