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Lipids represent one of the basic components of each cellular and subcellular membrane of the myometrium and their fluidity has a strong influence upon membrane function. Human myometrium was obtained at cesarean sections. Lipids were separated by one-dimensional thin layer chromatography. The chromatoplates were determined on the densitometer Shimadzu CS(More)
INTRODUCTION Cases of fatal hydrogen sulfide poisonings are rarely presented in forensic medicine practice. They mostly occur in occupational settings and occasionally are mass. Due to occupational poisonings caused by gases, hydrogen sulfide is ranked second regarding frequency-dependent incidence. Hydrogen sulfide at high concentrations is undetectable to(More)
A detailed analysis of the myometrium showed that the physical state of phospholipids--fluidity--depends on the ratio of their individual components and changes in relation to the state of contractile activity. The results indicate that before term of labor changes in the fluidity of myometrial phospholipids as well as increased availability of arachidonic(More)
INTRODUCTION The number of fatal methadone intoxications in adults has been increasing in parallel with the use of methadone for opiate substitution therapy. Methadone intoxication in children occurs rarely. Its diagnostic possibilities on the basis of clinical findings are often limited. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate a case of an 11-month-old(More)
The study included all deceased who died in relation to psychoactive substances abuse in the regions of Bratislava and Trnava city districts within a two-year period of the years 2007-2008. All the cases were autopsied by the standard method completed with toxicological analyses. There were reported total 84 fatalities related to psychoactive substances.(More)
The effect of intraperitoneally administered streptozotocin was studied in 8-, 10-, and 12-week-old rats. The total triacylglycerol content was found to be significantly increased in all the three groups studied, and that by 59.64% in the 8-week old group, by 54.86% in the 10-week-old group, and by 50.57% in the 12-week-old group. The level of total(More)
The distribution of C4 phenotypes and gene frequencies were studied in 104 genetically unrelated persons of Slovakia using high-voltage agarose gel electrophoresis with subsequent immunofixation. Five C4A alleles and three C4B alleles were detected. The gene frequencies were as follows: A2 = 0.0576, A3 = 0.7644, A4 = 0.0336, A6 = 0.0625, AQ0 = 0.817, B1 =(More)
Negative effects of the increasing number of toxic substances in the external environment affecting the human organism are highly reflected in everyday forensic practice. In parallel with new circumstances also the methods enabling identification of heterogeneous substances have been developing. Demonstrating evidence is more challenging and sophisticated(More)
Urine and blood concentrations of free and total morphin or 6-monoacetylmorphin were presented in fatal cases of morphin type opiates abuse. A solid phase extraction method was developed for isolation of drugs and their metabolities from biological material which used Separcol small columns with non-polar contents SI C 18T. Thin layer chromatography with(More)
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