J. V. V. S. N. Murty

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Phenotype distributions and gene frequencies of nine red cell enzyme systems and haemoglobin are presented for six tribal populations from the Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh. AEO, MN and Rh blood group data are presented for four of these tribes. The results have been compared with these from other Andhra Pradesh tribal Populations. The Yerukula tribe(More)
The length of index finger relative to fourth finger has been measured on parents and children in 190 families belonging to an endogamous Reddy community of Nalgonda District, India. The distribution of relative index finger length among various family groups was unimodal and symmetric. Heritability estimates based on parent-offspring regressions indicate a(More)
Supply chain management (SCM) is defined as the integration of key business processes from end user through original suppliers providing products, services and information that add value for customers and other stakeholders. The customer is an integral part of the supply chain and the primary purpose of any supply chain is to satisfy customer needs in the(More)
The genetic structure of three subpopulations of the Naikpod tribe of Andhra Pradesh, India, was examined by studying three blood group, six red cell enzyme, and five protein systems and phenylthiocarbamide taste sensitivity. The gene frequency data of 15 loci are compared among the subpopulations as well as with those reported for other population groups(More)
The present study was undertaken for removal of the colour, turbidity and COD from pulp and paper mill effluents using polyelectrolytes for pollution control and its safe disposal. Based on the pH of effluent and nature of colour imparting substance, suitable polyelectrolytes have been selected and used. A novel method of treating the above effluent with(More)
Cluster Analysis plays an outstanding role in data mining applications such as scientific data exploration, information retrieval, text mining, web analysis, marketing and many other application areas. Large number of clustering algorithms has been developed in a variety of domains for different types of applications. None of these clustering algorithms are(More)
A total of 220 persons belonging to the Kolam tribe in the Adilabad District of northwest Andhra Pradesh have been tested for 18 red cell eyzyme systems and for haemoglobin. Generally, the gene frequencies for the systems which showed electrophoretic variation were within the range for Indian populations; the gene frequency for AK1 is high by Indian(More)