J. V. Stepanik

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BACKGROUND The use of goal directed fluid protocols in intermediate risk patients undergoing hip or knee replacement was studied in few trials using invasive monitoring. For this reason we have implemented two different fluid management protocols, both based on a novel totally non-invasive arterial pressure monitoring device and compared them to the(More)
The Mackay-Marg-Tonometer registers continuously the intraocular pressure (Pt) as exactly as an electromanometer connected with the eye provided that the corneal rigidity is eliminitated by a smooth indentation of the cornea by the tip of the probe, the determined deviation of the registered values from linearity is considered and the temperature of the(More)
The log delta P/delta V-relation curve, as established in human eyes in vivo by new clinical procedure, is shallower than when measured on enucleated eyes and, at least in a number of eyes, not linear. Thus the bases of Friedewald's nomogram are no longer valid and, consequently, the Schiötz tonometer--and all other tonometers inducing volume displacements(More)