J. V. R. Murthy

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—Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) suffers from the hot spot problem where the sensor nodes closest to the base station are need to relay more packet than the nodes farther away from the base station. Thus, lifetime of sensory network depends on these closest nodes. Clustering methods are used to extend the lifetime of a wireless sensor network. However,(More)
In this paper we have investigated the performance of PSO Particle Swarm Optimization based clustering on few real world data sets and one artificial data set. The performances are measured by two metric namely quantization error and inter-cluster distance. The K means clustering algorithm is first implemented for all data sets, the results of which form(More)
— Password authentication is the most commonly used technique to authenticate the user validity. However, due to its simplicity, it is vulnerable to pseudo attacks. It can be enhanced using various biometric techniques such as thumb impression, finger movement, eye movement etc. In this paper, we concentrate on the most economic technique, based on the user(More)