J. V. Morro

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A new hybrid mode matching and method of moments formulation based only on electric currents is presented in this paper. The use of only one equivalent current allows the introduction of a new set of unknowns. The chosen new unknowns are the weights related to the scattered modes that emerge from the ports to the waveguides that feed the problem. Applying(More)
There are several practical applications in microwave engineering that require the cascade connection of multiple two-port scattering matrices. Many microwave devices are analyzed by segmenting the structure into small building blocks (steps, resonators, lines, etc.) that are characterized by means of the generalized scattering matrix. In order to obtain(More)
A strategy for efficiently and accurately designing passive devices in substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) technology is going to be developed and validated with the design of several filters in different topologies.
A new grouping strategy for the analysis of two-port arbitrarily shaped H-plane devices in rectangular waveguides is presented. The new grouping strategy accelerates a previous method based on the method of moments and the Green's function of an infinite line source placed inside two parallel plates. The computational cost of analyzing several H-plane(More)
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