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The increase in vascular permeability in small blood vessels of rat skin induced by antidromic stimulation of sensory roots, nerves, or single identified polymodal nociceptive fibres or by intra-arterial injection of Substance P, has been examined by light and electron microscopy. The effects of local application of capsaicin (a Substance P-depleting agent)(More)
[1] Subtropical humidity plays a critical role in the radiative balance of the planet, and there is a need for adequate description of the controls on water vapor distributions. This study tests whether an advection-condensation model, combined with Rayleigh distillation, can describe observed humidity and water vapor isotope ratios of the subtropical free(More)
81 patients, 24 with sarcoidosis and the remainder with various other diseases, were tested with three batches of Kveim material prepared from the same spleen. Positive Kveim tests were observed in sarcoidosis, tuberculosis, Hodgkin's disease, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and Weber-Christian disease. These results show that a positive Kveim(More)
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