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The hemlock alkaloid gamma-coniceine was identified in a number of ALOE species, namely A. GILLILANDII, Reynolds A. BALLYI Reynolds, A. RUSPOLIANA Baker, A. IBITIENSIS Perrier and A. DELTOIDEODONTA Baker. Coniine was identified in A. VIGUIERI Perrier. The levels of gamma-coniceine are higher than those found in CONIUM MACULATUM L. Some species also(More)
Of the approximately 300 species of ALOE (Liliaceae) native to Africa and Arabia, leaf extracts of 224 species have been examined chromatographically for alkaloids using ninhydrin, Dragendorff's reagent, nitroprusside, and iodoplatinate as revealing agents. From these, 48 (21%) species contained compounds giving a strong colorimetric reaction with at least(More)
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