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Changes in glycosylation have long been associated with disease. While there are many methods to detect changes in glycosylation, plant derived lectins are often used to determine changes on specific proteins or molecules of interest. One change in glycosylation that has been observed by us and by others is a disease or antigen associated increase in(More)
Copy move forgery detection in digital images has become a very popular research topic in the area of image forensics. Due to the availability of sophisticated image editing tools and ever increasing hardware capabilities, it has become an easy task to manipulate the digital images. Passive forgery detection techniques are more relevant as they can be(More)
We report here a new diagnostic approach to the direct detection of HIV in blood or other body fluids that is rapid, sensitive and potentially applicable in a point-of-care setting. The approach follows on the development of a novel BioNanoSensor (BNS) device that utilizes piezoelectric technology to detect the presence of the HIV surface glycoprotein gp120(More)
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