J. V. Aghav

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A mathematical morphology is used as a tool for extracting image components that are useful in the representation and description of region shape. The mathematical morphology operations of dilation, erosion, opening, and closing are important building blocks of many other image processing algorithms. The data parallel programming provides an opportunity for(More)
Hadoop MapReduce is one of the most popular publicly available frameworks for big data processing in the cloud environment. Hadoop provides for the needs of a wide variety of possible users but does not provide a means to optimize the scheduler for individual users. This is what we have attempted to do. The MapReduce scheduling system consists of a single(More)
Deploying Java applications to the cloud with access rights to the local client's file-system involves modification of the Java application code to use non-standard APIs for client's filesystem access. With the steady migration of existing technologies towards a web-aware implementation, this paper presents the file access sub-system of a potential WebJDK.(More)
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