J Uyttenhove

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The purpose of this study was to examine the role of background texture on an interception task during self-motion. Twenty-six participants modulated tricycle speed along one arm of a V-shaped track so as to intercept a ball approaching horizontally on the other arm of the V. Either a plain or a textured background (consisting of contrasting vertical(More)
The presence of depleted uranium in the soil of former Yugoslavia after the 1999 conflict raised great public concern all over the world. The so-called Balkan-syndrome is often linked with depleted uranium contamination. An excellent compilation of data about DU and its possible impact on health and environment can be found in the 1999 UNEP report and(More)
Results of a preliminary national survey on radon in houses in Belgium are presented. The indoor radon concentration was determined in 1983 in 79 houses with passive integrating detectors. In 77 of the examined cases the radon concentration is less than 250 Bq/m3. The highest reported value is 330 Bq/m3. The frequency distribution is found to be log-normal(More)
The residual radiocesium concentration, nearly 10 y after the Chernobyl accident, is measured at different sites on the Belgian territory by means of in-situ gamma-spectrometry. A possible link between the rainfall at the beginning of May 1986 and the actual cesium concentration is investigated. The radiological impact of this contamination, even in the(More)
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