J. Tyler Mefford

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Perovskite oxides have attracted significant attention as energy conversion materials for metal-air battery and solid-oxide fuel-cell electrodes owing to their unique physical and electronic properties. Amongst these unique properties is the structural stability of the cation array in perovskites that can accommodate mobile oxygen ions under electrical(More)
A 43-year-old man with type 2 diabetes, opposed to insulin use and poorly responsive to oral agents added sequentially over 6 years, was placed on 40 mg omeprazole twice daily. A linear decline in daily fasting blood glucose was observed over the first two-month treatment, and his hemoglobin A1c was reduced from 11.9% to 8.2%, then sustained at 8.1% after(More)
Mesoporous LaMnO3 with bulk surface areas in the range 225-300 m2 g-1 were prepared by direct overgrowth around the short-channel version of SBA-15 silica. The extent of LaMnO3 growth was found to be affected by the polarity of solvent system used to impregnate the SBA-15 with La3+ and Mn2+ precursors. The resulting LaMnO3-SiO2 composites were stable in(More)
Perovskite oxides are attractive candidates as catalysts for the electrolysis of water in alkaline energy storage and conversion systems. However, the rational design of active catalysts has been hampered by the lack of understanding of the mechanism of water electrolysis on perovskite surfaces. Key parameters that have been overlooked include the role of(More)
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