J. Tsutsumi

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Carnegie Mell on Uni v ersi ty Uni v ersityof K a rlsruhe ABSTRACT sent recent advances from our eortsinincreasing c o v-robustness, generali ty and s p eed of JANUS, CMU's to-s p eech translation s y stem. J ANUS i s a s p eaker-t s y stemwhi c h translates spoken utterances i n al so i n Germ an i n toone o f G erm an, E ngl i s h o r systemhas b een desi(More)
We describe the architecture of the Japanese Virtual Observatory (JVO) prototype system version 2. JVO aims at seamless access to astronomical data archives stored in distributed data servers as well as data analysis environment. For this purpose, it is important to establish a framework for access to remote servers, including remote procedure calls (RPCs)(More)
We present the design and implementation of the Japanese Virtual Observatory (JVO) system. JVO is a portal site to various kinds of astronomical resources distributed all over the world. We have developed five components for constructing the portal: (1) registry, (2) data service, (3) workflow system, (4) data analysis service (5) portal GUI. Registry(More)
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