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Ferritin is a highly conserved multisubunit protein in animals, plants and microbes which assembles with cubic symmetry and transports hydrated iron ions and protons to and from a mineralized core in the protein interior. We report here the high resolution structures of recombinant amphibian red-cell L ferritin and two mutants solved under two sets of(More)
Ferritin is a 24 subunit protein that controls biomineralization of iron in animals, bacteria, and plants. Rates of mineralization vary among members of the ferritin family, particularly between L and H type subunits of animal ferritins which are differentially expressed in various cell types. To examine ferritin from a highly differentiated cell type and(More)
While ion pairs are readily identified in crystal structures, longer range electrostatic interactions cannot be identified from the three-dimensional structure alone. These interactions are likely to be important in large, multisubunit proteins that are regulated by allosteric interactions. In this paper, we show that these interactions are readily detected(More)
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