J. Travassos

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INTRODUCTION The Boari flap is an excellent technique for replacement of distal ureteral injuries. There are few reports with the use of laparoscopic surgery, especially with long term results. Our goal is to present the results of a multi-institutional study of 30 cases. MATERIAL AND METHODS We analyzed 30 patients treated between December 2001 and(More)
To evaluate the effect of Brain Tomour (BT) and Neurosurgery (NS) on the renal handling of H2O and Na, and the clinical importance of SIADH in this setting. Fourteen patients with BT pre-op for NS and 6 controls (C) pre-op for general surgery, were assessed in a controlled prospective trial. All patients were normovolaemic, with normal renal function. They(More)
An obturator hernia is a rare condition and an unusual cause of intestinal obstruction. With a challenging diagnosis, it has one of the highest mortality rates of all abdominal wall hernias. The authors present a case of an elderly woman with bowel obstruction secondary to an incarcerated obturator hernia. An 80-year-old woman presented at the emergency(More)