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Seven cases of upward transtentorial herniation occurred. In each patient, coma with reactive, miotic pupils, asymmetrical or absent caloric responses, and decerebrate posture indicated brain-stem compression. In this setting, the development of unequal, then midposition, fixed pupils signaled midbrain failure from upward herniation. Vertebral angiography(More)
The mesocortical dopamine (DA) system of the rat plays an important role in prefrontal cortex (PFC) regulation of stress and emotion and exhibits functional hemispheric asymmetry for such processing. Since few studies examine sex differences in this context, we compared the effects of left vs. right unilateral PFC DA depletion in males and females in(More)
BACKGROUND The Precision Xtra(®) meter is a promising low cost electrochemical point-of-care unit for measuring blood glucose concentration ([gluc]) in cattle blood. The meter uses an algorithm that assumes the intra-erythrocyte [gluc] equals the plasma [gluc] on a molal basis, and that the hematocrit is similar in humans and cattle. OBJECTIVES The(More)
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