J. Tovar-Pescador

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A very important factor in the assessment of solar energy resources is the availability of direct irradiance data of high quality. However, this component of solar radiation is seldom measured and thus must be estimated from data of global solar irradiance, which is registered in most radiometric stations. In recent years, artificial neural networks (ANN)(More)
The development that solar energy will have in the next years needs a reliable estimation of available solar energy resources. At local scales, topography is the most important factor in determining the distribution of solar radiation at the surface. Interpolation techniques are usually employed to estimate solar resources where stations are not available,(More)
  • D Pozo-V ´ Azquez, S R G ´ Amiz-Fortis, J Tovar-Pescador, M J Esteban-Parra, Y Castro-D, Iez
  • 2005
The winter precipitation anomalies in the European area have been analysed over the period 1900–98 based on the El Niño–Southern oscillation (ENSO) state. A set of winter and autumn ENSO events is first selected using the Sea-Surface temperature (SST) data of the Niño 3 region, with the constraint that the ENSO event is well developed during the winter and(More)
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