J. Tordesillas Illan

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The paper presents several aspects of modeling, observation and control towards a new generation of Electrical Power Steering(EPS) systems. In particular we design an optimal control to reject oscillations of the steering column, then we device a new observer to estimate the internal state variables of the steering column, the driver applied torque(More)
BACKGROUND Fetal erythrocytes cross the placenta during gestation, but invasive prenatal procedures might develop into fetomaternal hemorrhage (FMH). We examine whether flow cytometry immunophenotyping might be useful for measuring the volume of FMH after such procedures. METHODS Fetal erythrocytes (%) were determined in 153 pregnant women after(More)
The aim of this study was to identify the candidates for natural killer (NK) testing and to define the best methodology. For this purpose a prospective study was performed on 73 women with repeated implantation failure (RIF). RIF was considered to exist in patients not achieving clinical pregnancy after three transfers with at least one good-quality embryo.(More)
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