J. Topomondzo

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A 3 times 8 all-optical decoder based on cross-polarization modulation in semiconductor optical amplifiers is demonstrated for the first time to our knowledge. The design requires a single active optical device per output. Experimental results are shown for return-to-zero modulated 10-Gb/s signals. Applications include label processing in optical packet(More)
A new approach for optical packet header processing based on a time-to-wavelength converter is proposed. The processing is composed of transferring, through an all-optical and-gate, the header data bits into the successive single optical pulses at different wavelengths. The and-gate is performed by the semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) and makes use of(More)
We demonstrate experimentally a new design for an all-optical AND gate operating in the gigahertz regime. The efficiency of this effect was estimated by measuring the conversion coefficients C/sub TE/TM/ and C/sub TM/TE/ indicating the TE to TM mode conversion and vice versa when the amplifier is perturbed with a wavelength tunable control beam. The(More)
All optical logic gates are essential to implement various all-optical digital processing in optical networks. Several logic gates have been performed using nonlinearities in semiconductor such as cross-gain modulation, cross-phase modulation or cross-polarization modulation.
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