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In those ears in which the incus and/or malleus are missing or not suitable, a columella made of high density polyethylene sponge has proven to be very effective. Tissue readily grows into the large pores of this material so that it is well tolerated in the body. During the last six months 54 have been implanted with no rejection so far and a good hearing(More)
After four hundred years of delivering health care in hospitals, industrialized countries are now shifting towards treating patients at the "point of need". This trend will likely accelerate demand for, and adoption of, wearable computing and smart fabric and interactive textile (SFIT) solutions. These healthcare solutions will be designed to provide(More)
Many daily functions and sporting events require high activity levels of the flexor musculature of the forearms and hands. These are the muscles involved in gripping strength. From sports like wrestling, tennis, football, basketball, and baseball to daily activities such as carrying laundry, turning a doorknob, and vacuuming, some degree of grip strength is(More)
Although Pennsylvania has recently reported the greatest number of Lyme disease cases in the United States, with the largest increase for PA occurring in its western region, the population biology of the blacklegged tick (Ixodes scapularis Say) has not been adequately characterized in western PA. We studied the seasonal activity of host-seeking I.(More)