J. Thomas King

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In this paper we consider a particular variant of finite-dimensional Tikhonov regularization for ill-posed operator equations. Convergence rates are established and an a-posteriori parameter choice method is derived that leads to optimal convergence rates with respect to data errors and with respect to the finite-dimensional subspace, without using any(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore mothers' accounts of screening newborn babies to increase our understanding of how they define screening and talk about the process of consent. DESIGN A purposive sample of mothers, whose newborn babies had recently been screened, were invited to take part in a semi-structured interview. SETTING Primary and community-care settings(More)
In [1] Babuška proposed perturbed variational methods for elliptic problems, with discontinuous coefficients. However, these methods are not quasioptimal, i.e. the approximate solutions generated by such methods do not reproduce the properties of “best approximation” possessed by the subspace of admissable approximants. In this paper we consider certain(More)
OBJECTIVE This multicenter, parallel group study was designed to determine if a single administration of ≤15 mL of pharmaceutical-grade polidocanol endovenous microfoam (PEM, now approved in the United States as Varithena [polidocanol injectable foam], BTG International Ltd.) could alleviate symptoms and improve appearance of varicose veins in a typical(More)
In this note we show that high order accurate approximations to the boundary flux are readily obtained by use of certain extrapolation process in the perturbed variational principle. QuasioptimalL 2 estimates for the error are obtained. Numerical results are presented for a model problem. In dieser Arbeit wird gezeigt, daß man scharfe Schranken für die(More)