J. Thomas Chapin

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In 2008, the National Institute of Standards and Technology and Energetics Incorporated collaborated with the International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Committee 113 (IEC TC 113) on nano-electrotechnologies to survey members of the international nanotechnologies community about priorities for standards and measurements to accelerate innovations in(More)
• How to understand and research sanitation supply chains and businesses • How to use the Business Model Canvas as a tool to understand, plan and improve sanitation business models. • How to assess common sanitation business models, including what works and what doesn't work • Practical tips and steps for UNICEF in planning and managing business model(More)
We prove two results about mutation invariance of link homology theories: We show that Khovanov's universal sl(2) homology is invariant under mutation and that the reduced sl(n) homology defined by Khovanov and Rozansky is invariant under component-preserving positive mutation when n is odd. We also give a relationship between the Khovanov homology of a(More)
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