J. Thomas Camp

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This paper reviews recent literature concerning a wide range of processes through which climate change could potentially impact global-scale agricultural productivity, and presents projections of changes in relevant meteorological, hydrological and plant physiological quantities from a climate model ensemble to illustrate key areas of uncertainty. Few(More)
This paper details the construction of a sub-nanosecond pulse generator capable of delivering 250 kV into a high impedance load. The pulse width is approximately 600ps with a voltage rise of up to 1 MV/ns. The pulse rise-time can be adjusted by manipulation of a peaking gap, whereas the pulse-width can be changed by adjusting a novel tail-cut switch located(More)
Note: There is no complete solution provided for this exercise. Most areas are still actively being researched. Instead, a number of relevant research papers are listed here for references. Some interesting areas include: 1. Routing layer: In MANET, each node is a router. The main problem in MANET is to construct and maintain a multi-hop route between the(More)
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