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To assess if a specific lesion pattern or changes of the basal limbic system as seen in primary depression and depression associated with neurodegenerative disorders might be identified in depressive multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, we submitted 78 MS patients to a MRI examination consisting of a quantitative measurement of lesions and of hyperintense(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was the analysis of drinking behaviour in laryngectomised patients and its concomitants in quality of life and mental health. STUDY DESIGN Multi-centered cross-sectional study. PARTICIPANTS AND SETTING Two hundred and twenty-five laryngectomised patients were asked to participate in the study. One hundred and seventy nine(More)
The distance between the clavicula and the acromion, between the clavicula and the processus coracoideus and the step height between the acromion and the clavicula arch were measured on roentgen films. Evaluated were plain films of the shoulder and of the chest. 64 patients with dislocation of the acromio-clavicular joint were compared to patients without(More)
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