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The effect of tenotomy and of immobilisation in lengthened and shortened positions on the intramuscular connective tissue of the calf muscles of the rat was studied morphometrically and with a scanning electron microscope. Both tenotomy and immobilisation produced a marked increase in both the endomysial and the perimysial collagen networks, with a(More)
The purpose of the present investigation was to study the effect of immobilization in two different positions, shortened or lengthened, on the connective tissue and capillarization of the rat calf muscles. In 18 rats the left hind limb was immobilized so that the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles were in a lengthened position and tibialis anterior was in a(More)
The authors examined the fine structural alterations of palmar aponeurosis in Dupuytren's contracture. Two types of the fibroblasts can be identified: classic fibroblasts and myofibroblasts. In the Dupuytren's tissue one fourth of all non-inflammatory cells were regarded as myofibroblasts. In the Dupuytren's aponeurosis the orientation of the thin and thick(More)
The investigations were designed to study the long-term effect of hypoxia, hypokinesia and of combined hypokinesia and hypoxia on the skeletal muscle in the rat. In the muscles of the hypoxic and hypokinetic animals serious degenerative changes were found and the fibre-type ratio was altered. In the hypoxic animals moderate fibrosis was revealed. In the(More)
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