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Successful design is usually a collaboration of individuals from more than one discipline. To address this important future work environment, student interdisciplinary design projects were created. For the past several years, teams of students from the first year Engineering Design Graphics course in the College of Engineering and students from the second(More)
Students from the first year exploration of engineering design course in the College of Engineering and students from the second year industrial design studio in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies teamed together to pursue design-build projects based on assistive technology devices for third world countries. The teams were formed in such a way as(More)
Due to increasing student enrollments and limited resources, small classes are evermore being replaced with large lectures. It is therefore essential to quality educational programs to address the challenges of student learning and engagement in large classes. This paper explains connections between basic learning research and practical strategies for(More)
The current demand is not being met for researchers trained in rigorous, quantitative research. This shortage of educational researchers is critical in the area of engineering education, since very few doctorates in engineering have an education focus, and even fewer have significant assessment content in their educational programs. Previous publications(More)
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