J Taylor Harden

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The world is shrinking, and as a consequence, the United States is changing rapidly. In this new environment, health care providers must navigate a new cultural terrain and develop new skills to provide appropriate care for patients from increasingly diverse backgrounds. The new millennium demographic data of the United States and the essential elements of(More)
PURPOSE To inform investigators of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) guidelines for the inclusion of women and minorities as subjects in clinical research and provide tips on avoiding barriers to federal funding. METHODS Information about gender and minority barriers to funding was obtained by reviewing NIH policies, information submitted by(More)
Single and double electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) in a medium, consisting of fourlevel atoms in the inverted-Y configuration, are discussed using mechanical and electrical analogies. A three coupled spring-mass system subject to damping and driven by an external force is used to represent the four-level atom mechanically. The equations of(More)
The ability to locate the right research tool at the right time for recruitment and retention of minority and health disparity populations is a challenge. This article provides an introduction to a number of recruitment and retention tools in a National Institute on Aging Health Disparities Toolbox and to this special edition on challenges and opportunities(More)
The author discusses the mission of the National Institute on Aging (NIA), Office of Special Populations, the trends in appropriations, use of census data and the need to disentangle the social and political meaning of race from the presumed biological meaning, the potential effect of slavery on the health of African Americans, Federal racial and ethnic(More)
To determine the relationship of information on glottal area function provided by deviations sensed by the photoelectric glottograph to that derived from a frame-by-frame analysis of ultrahigh-speed photographic film, simultaneous photographic and glottographic recordings were obtained from five subjects. From the investigation, the following results were(More)
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