J. Tavernier

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The authors discuss the general and radiologic characteristics of leiomyomas and leiomyosarcomas, based on experience with forty-five cases involving the digestive tract and a review of over one thousand cases reported in the literature. Thirty-six leiomyomas (oesophagus 9, stomach 18, small intestine 9) and nine leiomyosarcomas (oesophagus 2, stomach 2,(More)
Complete study of the sella turcica requires multidirectional tomography. The authors have studied 200 radiographs of normal adults and noted the percentage of variants of each anatomical feature on both standard radiographs and tomograms. The greatest drawback of the standard radiograph is the difficulty in objectively evaluating the effect of(More)
Retroperitoneal teratomas are rare in adults; they are malignant in 25.8% of cases. The authors report two benign cases in which radiologic examination was essential in establishing the diagnosis. Irregular calcifications, which are visible in 61.5% of reported cases, cannot be considered a sign of benignity, since 12.5% of calcified tumors were malignant.(More)
A recombinant plasmid containing human interleukin 2 (IL2) cDNA was identified in a cDNA library constructed from mRNA derived from PHA-TPA induced splenocytes. Using this cDNA as a hybridization probe, a DNA fragment containing the IL2 gene was isolated from a collection of hybrid phages derived from human genomic DNA. A unique reading frame was identified(More)
Congenital malformations of the inferior vena cava are characterized by their diversity which is related to the complexity of the embryological development of this vessel. The authors review the embryogenesis and origin of the different segments of the inferior vena cava and describe the various types of malformation, including the causative embryological(More)
Angiographic studies in a young girl aged 16 years who developed arterial hypertension during the course of Von Recklinghausen's disease, demonstrated the presence of an obliterated renal artery in a horseshoe kidney. The distal arterial segment was revascularized by two homolateral ureteral arteries. A full review of the literature revealed 30 cases of(More)
One hundred and twenty patients with bronchogenic carcinoma were prospectively studied by both computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) during the 2 weeks preceding thoracotomy or mediastinoscopy. MRI scans included contiguous axial and coronal slices. Results of CT and MRI studies were compared with the surgical and pathological(More)
Using non-stringent hybridization with a human interleukin-2 cDNA probe, we have isolated recombinant phages from a mouse genomic DNA library cloned in the EMBL3 phage. The sequence and organization of the mouse interleukin-2 (IL-2) gene was determined. By comparison with the human IL-2 sequence, three introns can be identified with lengths of 99, ±2 400,(More)
Pancreatic cystadenomas and cystadenocarcinomas are rare tumours usually occurring in women. The first symptoms are pain, occasionally associated with a palpable tumour in the left upper quadrant, and in rare cases the clinical and laboratory findings are suggestive of a pseudocyst. US shows a cystic neoplasm with a wall enclosing several polypoid areas. CT(More)