J. Tanner Blackburn

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Helical computed tomography (CT) is the most sensitive imaging modality for detection of pulmonary nodules. However, a single CT examination produces a large quantity of image data. Therefore, a computerized scheme has been developed to automatically detect pulmonary nodules on CT images. This scheme includes both two- and three-dimensional analyses. Within(More)
The results of recent research indicate that agonist replacement may be a viable option in the treatment of cocaine dependence. For example, d-amphetamine and modafinil have shown promise in managing cocaine dependence in preliminary clinical trials. The aim of this study was to determine the physiological and subject-rated effects of acute intranasal(More)
Humic substances, the main component of soil organic matter, could form an integral part of green and sustainable solutions to the soil fertility problem. However, their global-scale application is hindered from both scientific and regulatory perspectives by the lack of understanding of the molecular make-up of these chromatographically inseparable mixtures(More)
Several three-dimensional effects were observed in the performance monitoring data collected during excavation for the Ford Engineering Design Center (FEDC) in Evanston, Illinois. These responses are related to lateral deformations of the soil around the excavation walls, forces in the cross-lot and diagonal bracing that supported the temporary wall and(More)
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