J. Tangting Sun

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Anisotropic triangular graphene monolayers grown on a Ru(0001) surface represent unique two-dimensional templates for creating ordered, large-scale assembly of functional molecules. Using scanning tunneling mi-croscopy and spectroscopy, we demonstrate the selective adsorption and the formation of ordered molecular arrays of iron phthalocyanine and pentacene(More)
Scanning tunnelling microscopy and spectroscopy experiments complemented by first-principles calculations have been conducted to study the electronic structure of 4 monolayer Bi(110) nanoribbons on epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide [4H-SiC(0001)]. In contrast with the semimetal property of elemental bismuth, an energy gap of 0.4 eV is measured at the(More)
Surface confined quantum well state (scQWS) is a QWS confined around the surface of a thin film whose electronic energy is smaller than the work function of the film. The scQWS is rather rare in most thin films. Here, we show the existence of scQWS in thin films of transition metal dichalcogenides, MoS 2. Signatures of scQWS are identified as the overall(More)
The automatic generation of presentation slides from technical articles is one of the most desired but under-researched area in the field of computing. Automated generation of slide contents from technical articles is much difficult than a typical text summarization process, since it requires the identification of all the crucial contents from the article(More)
An innovative method to filter out potentially unstable and unreliable RDSON drifting wafers is demonstrated in GaN-based power devices. Its concept is described and the correlation between screening test and long-term reliability data in terms of RDSON stability is also presented. In addition, we verify that this screening method can predict continuous(More)
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