J. T. Simon

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Simulated annealing has proven to be a good technique for solving hard combina-torial optimization problems. Some attempts at speeding up annealing algorithms have been based on shared memory multiprocessor systems. Also parallelizations for certain problems on distributed memory multiprocessor systems are known. In this paper, we present a problem(More)
Rox1 is a repressor of the hypoxic genes of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It binds to a specific hypoxic consensus sequence in the upstream region of these genes and represses transcription in conjunction with the general repression complex Tup1-Ssn6. In this study, we demonstrated that the first 100 amino acids comprising the HMG domain of Rox1 were(More)
PyTri is a Python based visual agent programming language which has been designed top-down to utilize the possibilities of graphical representation of control flow by amending the concepts of Petri nets. Its main inspiration, Mulan, which is based on Java nets, originated bottom-up from a powerful formalism, which allows modeling and programming multi-agent(More)
In this paper, we present a problem independent general purpose parallel implementation of simulated annealing on distributed message-passing multiproces-sor systems. The sequential algorithm is studied and we give a classiication of combinatorial optimization problems together with their neighborhood structures. Several parallelization approaches are(More)
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