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Liposomes have been used widely to improve the therapeutic activity of pharmaceutical agents. The traditional approach for such applications has been to formulate the pharmaceutical agent in liposomes prior to administration in vivo. In this report we demonstrate that liposomes exhibiting a transmembrane pH gradient injected intravenously (iv) can actively(More)
TLC and high-pressure liquid chromatographic (HPLC) assays for folic acid were developed. In the TLC procedure, the folic acid band was extracted from the silica gel after development and determined spectrophotometrically by an oxidation and Bratton-Marshall sequence. A column packed with octadecylsilane chemically bonded to microparticulate silica gel was(More)
Moisture permeation of some unit dose repackaging materials currently available was tested and compared with the results of an earlier study. Seventeen unit dose containers marketed for hospital pharmacy repackaging were tested. Most of the samples were prepared in a laboratory under optimal physical and mechanical conditions. The methodology involved(More)
The moisture permeation of unit does repackaging materials used by various hospital and community pharmacies in a metropolitan area was studied. Commercial desiccant pellets were packaged in the same manner used for ordinary tablets and capsules. The samples were weighed and placed in a controlled chamber at about 75% relative humidity and 22 C, and tested(More)
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