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A left retroperitoneal approach has been developed and used to perform a renal-splenic shunt for portal decompression in seven patients with massive variceal hemorrhage. In each patient, at least one intra-abdominal finding contraindicated a conventional transperitoneal portasystemic shunt. Retroperitoneal approach avoided possible complications and(More)
The lack of a rapid, noninvasive, and accurate method to confirm or rule out prosthetic graft infection continues to constitute a compelling and vexing clinical problem. A host of adjunctive diagnostic techniques has been used in the past, but early promising results subsequently have usually not yielded acceptable sensitivity (reflecting false negatives)(More)
The effects of total renal ischemia (TRI) of 15-87 min duration due to suprarenal clamping of the aorta were studied in 15 mannitol-treated patients undergoing abdominal aortic surgery. 15 patients undergoing similar surgery but requiring only infrarenal clamping served as controls. 1-2 h following TRI, GFR was reduced to only 39% of that in controls, 23(More)
Five women are described with an extremely rare manifestation of atherosclerosis. All presented with upper extremity hypertension and diminished femoral pulses. Three had intermittent claudication. Plain radiography and arteriography demonstrated focal, heavily calcified, mass-like, obstructing lesions that caused a functional coarctation of the aorta.(More)
Seventeen patients with arteriographic findings consistent with the carotid "string" sign are presented. Five separate clinicopathologic categories were present, and each required special consideration for proper management. The arteriographic findings alone were insufficient to allow categorization or to predict intraoperative findings. Special emphasis is(More)
Fifty-seven patients initiated continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. All patients were generally pleased with this form of dialysis and particularly enjoyed the greater mobility and decreased dietary restriction. Complications associated with continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis include peritonitis, pericatheter infection, catheter malfunction,(More)
Most complications of embolectomy with the Fogarty balloon catheter are recognized early and have received ample attention in the surgical and radiologic literature. However, the delayed complication of diffuse arterial narrowing causing severe ischemia has received little emphasis, perhaps because follow-up arteriography is not always performed. This(More)
A new technic of ocular pneumoplethysmorgraphy for the simultaneous determination of blood pressures in the ophthalmic artery branches of the internal carotid arteries is described. It provides a noninvasive, atraumatic method for assessing hemispheric blood flow. When performed with simultaneous carotid compression, it provides a means for assessing the(More)