J. T. Jiang

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Mechanism of HAb18G/CD147 underlying the metastasis process of human hepatoma cells has not been determined. In the present study, we found that integrin α3β1 colocalizes with HAb18G/CD147 in human 7721 hepatoma cells. The enhancing effect of HAb18G/CD147 on adhesion, invasion capacities and matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) secretion was decreased by(More)
In this paper, we present a method to reduce the sidelobe levels of a given parabolic reflector antenna by coating it with a 2-layer absorber. The absorber is designed by using Genetic Algorithm and an ultra-wideband performance (4.6–18 GHz) is obtained. The simulation results show that the sidelobe level can be reduced by coating the edge of the(More)
The Ferromagnetic/dielectric composite particles are attracting more and more interesting for their potential technology importance in electromagnetic industry [1–3]. To adjusting and control the electromagnetic parameters become a crucial problem to meet various application requirements. In view of materials science, to properly tailor the(More)
FeNi<inf>3</inf> nanospheres (NS) with an average diameter of 400 nm were synthesized by a simple low temperature reduction method. FeNi3@C core-shell structured nanocapsules (NC) were then fabricated with a hydrothermal process. The electromagnetic (EM) properties of paraffin matrix composites containing FeNi<inf>3</inf> NS and FeNi<inf>3</inf>@C NC were(More)
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