J T Galán Morales

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Nasal T lymphoma constitute a type of lymphoproliferative very infrequent symdrome. One of the fondamental problems it presents to bring a high probability of survival obtain a precocious diagnose. It is due that it originates inespecific histologic lesions, and to its clinic. Only the close cooperation between the otorhinolaryngologist and the(More)
A descriptive, retrospective study was made of 110 cases of laryngeal neoplasm diagnosed at the Hospital Virgen de la Salud of Toledo, Spain, between 1988 and 1991. Cases were studied by sex, age, alcohol use, smoking, first symptom, and time to treatment.
Tuberculosis is the chronic granulomatose most common infection of the larynx. It appears generally from pulmonary tuberculosis. It prevails in men. The most habitual symptomatology includes dysphony, odinophagy, referred otalgy and sometimes dispnea. The majority of patients use to have radiological pulmonary affectation to the diagnosis. The nodular(More)
This article report four cases of schwannomas originating in the cervical peripheral nervous branches, which were operated by ENT Department between 1991 and 2004. The difficulty on differential diagnosis and possible complications after the surgery are commented. Speaking of these cases, reference is done about the manage of post surgical neuropathy, very(More)
Five cases of malignant melanomata of the nasal cavities have been diagnosed and studied at ENT--and Anatomopathological Departments, between 1990 and 1997, the group ranging from 65 to 90 years, middle age 74.2. Paramount symptoms were epistaxis and lack of pain in all patients. Radical surgery was performed only in one case, followed by radiotherapy; the(More)
Radical neck dissection (RND) is a surgical procedure for treating patients with cervical metastatic adenopathies generally dues to head and neck tumours. Since Crile, in 1906, began this technique, because of the important postoperative complications noticed, related to disturbances of the venous return when the dissection was bilateral, was suggested a 15(More)
Clinical findings, histopathology, therapeutic management and evolution of 8 cases of laryngeal verrucous carcinomata, treated at Virgen de la Salud Hospital from 1981 till 1997, are discussed. With the excuse of perform a retrospective perusal of our series, the AA. review the medical literature regarding possible new questions about this uncommon growth:(More)
In this paper we carried out an immunohistochemical study of bcl-2 protein expression in a series of 195 patients with laryngeal carcinoma that were diagnosticated, treated and followed at the Department of Otolaryngology at "Virgen de la Salud" Hospital (Toledo, Spain). In the cases with lymphonode metastasis we also analysed bcl-2 protein expression at(More)
The AA. report the case of a 68-year-old man, treated in their ENT-Department, presenting with amyloid accumulations in the larynx in the context of systemic amyloidosis associated to a multiple myeloma. Review of diagnostic methods in order to identify the lesion and the general malady as well. Approach to the adequate treatment.
A statistical study is made of the results of 78 stapedectomies carried out during the last six years in the Virgen de la Salud Hospital of Toledo, Spain. An auditive gain of 90%, averaging 27 dBs, was found. Other parameters assessed were age, sex, prosthesis type, and failures.