J T Cheney

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  • J Cheney, Schumacher, Brady, Smith College, Argyrou, Otis
  • 2008
The metamorphic rocks of Syros consist principally of alternating schists and marbles that are locally punctuated by heterogeneous mafic igneous suites containing serpentinite, meta-gabbro, and meta-basalt (Brady et al., 2000). All these rocks have undergone high-pressure metamorphism in the Eurasia-Africa subduction zone during the Alpine Orogeny. There is(More)
  • A Field, Trip Honoring, J B Thompson, C Page Chamberlain, Henry N Berry, John T Cheney +17 others
  • 2015
iii INTRODUCTION For over three decades, Jim Thompson has led students on field trips across the northern Appalachians of New England. Typically, this trip was run across the tectonic grain, extending from the Grenville basement of the Adirondacks to the high-grade Devonian gneisses of New Hampshire. Because JBT's field trips were across strike traverses(More)
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