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The validity of using different 15N-tracer substances to measure whole body protein parameters, i.e., protein synthesis, protein breakdown, net protein gain, protein turnover, metabolic pool, and reutilization, was assessed by comparing the results obtained with: [15N]glycine, a mixture of 10 15N-labeled amino acids, and a 15N-labeled chicken egg protein in(More)
A dose of 0.5 mg/kg body weight of indocyanine-green (Ujoviridin), a chromodiagnostic, was applied in one single injection under standardised conditions to 16 patients, aged between 21 and 31 years (25.9 years on average), with slight to moderate hyperemesis gravidarum, with the view to making an assessment of hepatic excretion.--Also determined were(More)
Indocyaningreen (ICG) was given for the characterize of the excretion function of the liver during the course of normal pregnancy, sub partu and post partum. Studies were performed in 168 primi- and multigravidas with normal medical and obstetric histories (mean age of 23,5 years). 0,5 mg ICG/kg body mass were injected intravenously as a bolus. 18 healthy(More)
11 pregnancies at term were terminated by dilatation of the uterine cervix, low amniotomy, and by intravenous administration of PGF2alpha. The average infusion time was 3 hours 55 minutes, and the average total dose of PGF2alpha amounted to 2.0 mg. Parameters of acid-base changes, carbohydrate and energic state changes, gas metabolism, and changes in(More)
Various publications of the last years and own studies, too demonstrate that birth rank and maternal age, as well, in each case independently influence the risk of prematurity. The rate of prematurity for primiparous and multiparous women is above the average; it is just the same for very young and comparatively old women. Basing on a review of literature(More)
Using the direct immunofluorescence technique antibody-coated bacteria were demonstrated in urine samples from 49 of 57 patients with the clinical diagnosis of chronic pyelonephritis, but were not observed in urines from 11 patients with cystitis. A correlation rate was found between the presence of antibody-coated bacteria in the urine seidment and(More)