J. Szewczyk

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Keywords: Active endoscope Shape memory alloys Minimal invasive surgery Sliding mode control Genetic algorithms a b s t r a c t Actual endoscopes and boroscopes, widely used in industry and in minimal invasive surgery, have considerable limitations, mainly due to their low number of degrees of freedom and their manual operation. Two different solutions for(More)
Hand-held surgical robots are manipulators with dexterous effectors to be used by surgeons in minimally invasive surgery and especially in laparoscopy. Mechanical manipulators for laparoscopy have appeared on the markets in recent years with various interfaces and dexterities. 2 examples are RealHand and Laparo-Angle. The question of which interface and(More)
Microanastomosis is a microsurgical gesture that involves suturing two very small blood vessels together. This gesture is used in many operations such as avulsed member auto-grafting, pediatric surgery, reconstructive surgery - including breast reconstruction by free flap. When vessels have diameters smaller than one millimeter, hand tremors make movements(More)
Surgeons performing endovascular interventions have high expectations with regard to the 15 improvement of their operating tools and, more specifically, of their catheters. Active catheters, in which the tip moves actively using shape memory alloy (SMA) actuators, constitute a promising approach. In this article, we review existing SMA-based active(More)
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