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Networks of workstations (NOWs) provide an economical platform for high performance parallel computing. Such networks may comprise a variety of different types of workstations and network devices. This paper addresses the problem of efficient multicast in a heterogeneous communication model. Although the problem of finding optimal multicast schedules is(More)
Type II pulmonary epithelial cells (T2P) in primary culture assemble a biologically active extracellular matrix (ECM) from endogenously synthesized components, including fibronectin. Fibronectin is a well-recognized attachment protein that mediates cell adhesion, migration, and cytodifferentiation. In some cell types, exogenous fibronectin also is(More)
Myocardial nucleic acid responses were analysed in New Zealand White rabbits 20 min-1 h and 6-8 h following single subcutaneous injections of soman (20, 30, or 40 micrograms kg-1). Scanning-integrating microdensitometry was used to quantify Azure B-RNA and Feulgen-DNA (F-DNA) levels, and changes in the susceptibility of chromatin to Feulgen acid hydrolysis(More)
In order to reduce the current costs associated with carbon capture technologies, novel materials such as zeolites and metal-organic frameworks that are based on microporous networks are being studied. We have developed a GPU code that can characterize and screen a large database of zeolite structures and help identify the most ecient structures for carbon(More)
Studies were conducted to investigate relationships among soman (pinacolyl methylphosphonofluoridate) induced seizure activity, central metabolic impairments and lethality in normal vs thyroid-deficient rats. Quantitative cytophotometric measurements of individual cerebrocortical (layer V) and striatal neuron RNA contents were made following dosages of 0.5,(More)
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