J. Susan van Dyk

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Apple pomace, a waste product from the apple juice industry is a potential feedstock for biofuel and biorefinery chemical production. Optimisation of hydrolysis conditions for apple pomace hydrolysis using Viscozyme L and Celluclast 1.5L was investigated using 1 L reaction volumes. The effects of temperature, pH, β-glucosidase supplementation and substrate(More)
The synergistic interaction between various hemi/cellulolytic enzymes has become more important in order to achieve effective and optimal degradation of complex lignocellulose substrates for biofuel production. This study investigated the synergistic effect of three enzymes endoglucanase (EngE), mannanase (ManA) and xylanase (XynA) on the degradation of(More)
Sugar beet pulp (SBP) is a waste product from the sugar beet industry and could be used as a potential biomass feedstock for second generation biofuel technology. Pretreatment of SBP with 'slake lime' (calcium hydroxide) was investigated using a 2(3) factorial design and the factors examined included lime loading, temperature and time. The pretreatment was(More)
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