J. Sunil Rao

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In gene selection for cancer classification using microarray data, we define an eigenvalue-ratio statistic to measure a gene's contribution to the joint discriminability when this gene is included into a set of genes. Based on this eigenvalue-ratio statistic, we define a novel hypothesis testing for gene statistical redundancy and propose two gene selection(More)
Background. The computational identification of functional transcription factor binding sites (TFBSs) remains a major challenge of computational biology. Results. We have analyzed the conserved promoter sequences for the complete set of human RefSeq genes using our conserved transcription factor binding site (CONFAC) software. CONFAC identified 16296(More)
We investigate the problem of deriving precision estimates for bootstrap quantities. The one major stipulation is that no further bootstrapping will be allowed. In 1992, Efron derived the method of jackknife-after-bootstrap (JAB) and showed how this problem can potentially be solved. However, the applicability of JAB was questioned in situations where the(More)
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