J. Sullivan John C. Knight

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We describe the measured group-velocity dispersion characteristics of several air-silica photonic crystal fibers with anomalous group-velocity dispersion at visible and near-infrared wavelengths. The values measured over a broad spectral range are compared to those predicted for an isolated strand of silica surrounded by air. We demonstrate a strictly(More)
The properties of photonic crystal fibers with large air holes can be modeled by a silica rod in air. Such approximate calculations show that the dispersion of photonic crystal fibers could exceed -2000 ps/mm/km, or they could compensate (to within /spl plusmn/0.2%) the dispersion of 35 times their length of standard fiber over a 100-nm range.
Current and upcoming avionics systems must be able to accommodate expected growing application software volume and capability. The software domain has struggled to meet increasing demands while retaining the necessary level of confidence in its appropriate operation. Meanwhile, although computing components are becoming less expensive, the fixed and(More)
We present a model for a software engineering project course that has proven successful as the capstone of our required sequence of software courses in our computer science major. It differs from many similar courses because all teams work on the same project, defined by the instructor (not projects for "real" customers). The course's project centers on(More)
Modern systems are critically dependent on software for their design and operation. The next generation of developers must be facile in the specification, design and implementation of dependable software using rigorous developmental processes. To help prepare this generation we have developed a teaching approach and materials that serve a two-fold purpose:(More)