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In previous studies, the efficiency of the Half-Sweep Multigrid method has been shown to be very fast as compared with the standard Multigrid method. This is due to its ability to reduce computational complexity of the standard method. In this paper, the primary goal is to purpose the Half-Sweep Algebraic Multigrid (HSAMG) method using the HSCN finite(More)
The rotated fourth order iterative algorithm of O(h 4) accuracy applied to linear system arising from the discretization of two dimensional Poisson problem was introduced by Othman, et al., 2001 and it was shown to be the fastest as compared to the standard fourth order iterative algorithm, see Gupta, 1984. While the parallel standard fourth order iterative(More)
In this paper, we consider the numerical solutions of linear Fredholm integral equations of the second kind. The Quarter-Sweep Arithmetic Mean (QSAM) iterative method is applied to solve linear systems generated from discretization of the second kind linear Fredholm integral equations using quadrature method. In addition, the formulation and implementation(More)
The main aim of this paper is to examine the effectiveness of the Half-Sweep Arithmetic Mean (HSAM) iterative method in solving dense linear systems generated from the discretiza-tion of the first and second kind linear Fredholm integral equations. The formulation and implementation of the proposed method is also presented. Numerical tests and comparisons(More)
Nowadays computers are used to manage daily works. School management uses computer to process academic assessments. For example, teachers store students mark and grades in computer software such as Microsoft Office. However computers are merely used to store students assessments and there are no systematic place for analyzing and turning that data into(More)
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