J. Stuart Bradley

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BACKGROUND Over the last 10 years the number of medical students choosing family medicine as a career has steadily declined. Studies have demonstrated that career preference at the time that students begin medical school may be significantly associated with their ultimate career choice. We sought to identify the career preferences students have at entry to(More)
This paper uses a previously developed model of sound propagation in conventional open plan offices to explore the influence of each parameter of the office design on the expected speech privacy in the office. The ceiling absorption, the height of partial height panels and the workstation plan size are shown to be most important. However, it is not possible(More)
Open access (OA) publishing, whereby authors, their institutions, or their granting bodies pay or provide a repository through which peer-reviewed work is available online for free, is championed as a model to increase the number of citations per paper and disseminate results widely, especially to researchers in developing countries. We compared the number(More)
The qualitative label ‘international journal’ is used widely, including in national research quality assessments. We determined the practicability of analysing internationality quantitatively using 39 conservation biology journals, providing a single numeric index (IIJ) based on 10 variables covering the countries represented in the journals’ editorial(More)
International differences in practices and attitudes regarding pet cats' interactions with wildlife were assessed by surveying citizens from at least two cities in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, China and Japan. Predictions tested were: (i) cat owners would agree less than non-cat owners that cats might threaten wildlife, (ii) cat owners value(More)
Computer simulations are used to examine the significance levels and powers of several tests which have been employed to compare the means of Poisson distributions. In particular, attention is focused on the behaviour of the tests when the means are small, as is often the case in ecological studies when populations of organisms are sampled using quadrats.(More)
This paper describes a new system` of speech privacy criteria in terms of Speech Privacy Class (SPC) values. SPC values can be used to specify the required speech privacy for new construction or to assess the speech privacy of existing closed rooms. The ASTM E2638 measurement standard defines SPC as the sum of the measured average noise level at the(More)