J Strambachová-McBride

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The anamnestic antibody response of CBA mice to bovine serum albumin was characterized by a rapid production of high-avidity antibody. After 3 weeks both the total amount of antibody and its avidity declined but still remained above those seen in the primary response for at least 6 weeks. The effects of acute Plasmodium berghei and Plasmodium yoelii yoelii(More)
The primary antibody response to alumadsorbed BSA was depressed when initiated during low-grade chronic Plasmodium berghei malaria in mice, as previously reported during acute P.y. yoelii infection. Induction of immunological memory by soluble polymerized BSA was abolished in both infections; in infected hosts this normally immunogenic stimulus resulted in(More)
Antigenic specificities of native monomer, heat-denatured monomer and heat-polymerized BSA have been compared serologically. Distinct differences between monomer and polymer preparations were observed with respect to their ability to inhibit each other's binding to antibody and also between their respective rates of dissociation from immune complexes. While(More)
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