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A single-section, compact, passive polarization converter has been designed and fabricated on GaAs-AlGaAs. The device uses an optimized waveguide structure with angled-facets to obtain 90/spl deg/-polarization rotation in a single section; this waveguide structure eliminates the need for longitudinal variation and hence avoids any section-to-section(More)
The axial component of leakage magnetic field in synchronous machines has detrimental effects, which are outlined and is shown to be related to operating conditions. The load dependence is characterised in terms of the system parameters and constants obtaited from steady-state tests. Experimental results are presented for a number of measurement positions(More)
Tree litter fall was measured from May 1969 to April 1973 and varied between 205 and 388 g m-2a-1. Peak standing crops of the ground flora were determined between September 1969 and October 1972 and fell in the range 17.3 to 20.9 g m-2 a-1. Litter losses due to wind action had a net value of 8 g m-2 a-1 and the mean above ground litter input to the soil was(More)
The mean annual population density of earthworms was found to be 164.6 m-2 during a period of detailed study between October 1971 and September 1972. In a year of less detailed study between November 1972 and October 1973 the population density was 117.5 m-2 (139.8 m-2 when the type of extraction method was allowed for). Mean biomass densities in the two(More)
In the literature on the estimation of urinary lead, it is usually recommended that not less than 100 ml. aliquots of the urine sample be taken for analysis. This has certain disadvantages, not the least of which is the time required to ash the organic content of the urine. In addition, spot samples of urine collected from groups of workmen are often less(More)
The mean annual population density of nematodes in the litter and upper 6 cm of soil was found to be 368,000 m-2. Mean individual live weight biomass approximated 0.2 μg and mean biomass was calculated to be 74.6 mg live weight m-2. No evidence of seasonal vertical migration between the litter, 0–3 cm and 3–6 cm strata was found and on average these strata(More)
The mean annual population density of enchytraeids in the litter and upper 6 cm of soil was found to be 14,590 m-2. Mean individual weights approximated 116, 158 and 151 μg wet wt. in the litter, 0–3 cm and 3–6 cm strata respectively. The mean biomass was estimated to be 1.908 g wet wt m-2. Vertical migration was shown to occur, the upward migration in late(More)
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