J. Stanley Warford

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A <italic>CACM</italic> by Park and Miller [6] advocated a standard for random number generators based on the Lehmer generator [5] and criticised a number of computer science textbooks for presenting bad random number generators. This paper advocates the proposed standard and presents a set of generators based on theoretically sound principles that are also(More)
This paper presents a virtual machine simulator with a memory trace facility having two unique features. First, the machine is designed to illustrate the translation from C/C++ to assembly language and from thence to machine language. Instead of the more common memory dump labeled by address, the tracer displays a graphic representation of the cell labeled(More)
This paper presents a software simulator for a central processing unit. The simulator features two modes of operation. In the first mode, students enter individual control signals for the multiplexers, function controls for the ALU, memory read/write controls, register addresses, and clock pulses for the registers required for a single CPU cycle via a(More)
The panelists will discuss their experiences teaching logic and discrete mathematics using a new, rather revolutionary approach. They will describe advantages and disadvantages of the approach, what students think of it, and so forth. The audience will have a chance to question the panelists and to discuss their own experiences. Instead of teaching logic as(More)
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