J. Stanley Warford

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This paper describes the BlackBox framework, an object-oriented application development environment, and our experience with its use over the past several years in the CS1/CS2 course. This little-known framework features: (1) a graphical user interface that is simple enough for beginning students to program, (2) true cross-platform capability, (3)(More)
This paper presents a virtual machine simulator with a memory trace facility having two unique features. First, the machine is designed to illustrate the translation from C/C++ to assembly language and from thence to machine language. Instead of the more common memory dump labeled by address, the tracer displays a graphic representation of the cell labeled(More)
A <italic>CACM</italic> by Park and Miller [6] advocated a standard for random number generators based on the Lehmer generator [5] and criticised a number of computer science textbooks for presenting bad random number generators. This paper advocates the proposed standard and presents a set of generators based on theoretically sound principles that are also(More)
Instead of teaching logic as one more isolated topic of discrete math, logic can be used as the fundamental tool underlying all other topics of the course. In such a course, six to seven weeks are spent learning logic and how to develop formal proofs. The other topics of discrete math are then taught in a more rigorous fashion than usual, using logic as the(More)
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