J Stadlmüller

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The relationship between the apolipoprotein E (apoE) and beta-fibrinogen G/A-455 polymorphisms and cerebrovascular disease (CVD) was examined in the present study. We compared 227 patients with the subtypes of CVD (large-vessel disease, lacunar stroke, cardiac embolism, or undetermined pathomechanisms) with 225 control subjects. The occurrence of apoE(More)
The quantitative contributions of various amino acid residues to hapten binding in the Fv fragment of the antibody McPC603 were investigated by site-directed mutagenesis. The three-dimensional structure of the Fab' fragment of McPC603 is known to atomic resolution. The haptens phosphocholine, choline sulfate, 3-(trimethylammonium)propane-1-sulfonate,(More)
Antibodies have been raised against the transition state of many reactions and shown to catalyse the relevant reaction. Their moderate catalytic efficiencies can be increased by protein engineering, if ways can be found to express the engineered antibody. We have developed a system by which fully functional Fv and Fab fragments can be expressed in(More)
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